Introducing the Oxbow Summer Art Institute

Applications for Summer 2024 are open on a rolling basis. Apply now for a summer like no other!

Interested families are encouraged to complete their applications by our early summer application priority date of January 1st. Students that complete by this date are in the best standing for early acceptance and the largest need and merit-based scholarships. After the priority date, Oxbow begins rolling admissions and will continue to accept students until the program is fully enrolled.

The 2024 Oxbow Summer Art Institute will run from June 23 - August 4, 2024.

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Modelled after the semester program, students who participate in the Oxbow Summer Art Institute will have the opportunity to have the social, intellectual, and art experience that Oxbow is so well known for! The immersive visual arts residency program invites young artists to engage a creative course of studio practice rooted in deep intellectual inquiry. In partnership with working artists, students will create work towards an art portfolio and conclude the program with a capstone final project. Participating artists have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make art in our well-equipped studios among like-minded peers overlooking the Napa River. Students work in a variety of media spanning: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and animation. In addition to extensive art-making, students have opportunities to explore the sublime landscape that defines Northern California. They also have access to contemporary work on exhibition at local museums and galleries around the Bay Area.

This 6-week summer-term is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors as well as those taking a gap year after high school. Students will receive an entire year’s worth of studio art credit with an official high school transcript from Oxbow. This unique residency program is grounded in the philosophy that there is no limit to what adolescents can create when provided an open-minded environment with high-level instruction, personal and collective accountability, and support. They return home having developed their art practice and sense of self.

Applications for Summer 2024 are open on a rolling basis. Apply now for a summer like no other!

Please contact with any questions!


June 23 - August 4, 2024

(6-week intensive)


$16,000 - Includes room and board, activities, and all supplies needed. Limited scholarships are available, please contact the admissions team for more information at

Available Media

Students work in a variety of media of their choosing, such as:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Fabrication & Installation
  • Animation & Video

In addition to the four core Oxbow studios (Painting, New Media, Printmaking, and Sculpture) students also have the opportunity to select and engage in technique-focused elective courses throughout the summer, such as:

  • Ceramics
  • Film Photography
  • Oil Painting
  • Observational Drawing in Nature
  • Figure Sculpting & Anatomy
  • Introduction to Animation
  • Jewelry Making
  • Social Practice
  • Introduction to Sound Production
  • Creative Writing & Poetry
  • The Business of Art
  • Appropriated Media
  • Performance Art
  • Biking

At Oxbow, teens’ creativity is nurtured and explored. Students come away from the program inspired by what they've seen and learned. They develop enhanced art skills, life-long friendships, and personally significant artwork.


Who is eligible to attend? Rising sophomores, juniors, seniors and post-grad students are welcome to attend the Oxbow Summer Art Institute.

I have heard a lot about the “Final Project.” Will there still be a final show? Yes! All students will have an opportunity to pursue a topic in depth working in a medium of their choice at the conclusion of the program. Students will collaborate with the faculty to execute their vision and install the work in a gallery style format.

How do I apply for the Summer Art Institute? All interested students will complete Part One of our application and designate Summer in the selected field. As part of our Summer application, we require a Student Questionnaire, Parent Statement, and a Self Portrait in any medium material or style. We have limited need and merit-based scholarships available for this program.

Can you describe what a typical Summer day will look like? We strive to include simplicity, mindfulness, and intentionality into our everyday practice. This isn’t typical school. Let’s celebrate the fact that it’s summer and summers are meant to be fun! While you will receive inspiring, innovative, and challenging instruction from experienced faculty, we value the time that comes from sleeping in, lounging on the lawn to read a good book, or heading into the woods for a day-long hike.

A day in the life of a Summer Oxbow student might look like:

  • 9:00am Breakfast
  • 10:00am Meet in small groups for elective programming
  • 12:30pm Lunch together on the back deck
  • 1:30pm Art in the studios
  • 5:00pm Break
  • 6:00pm Dinner together on the back deck
  • 7:00pm Open studio time or scheduled events
  • 9:45pm Dorm checks


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